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Explosion Proof Enclosures

Provincial Partitions manufactures explosion proof enclosures and a wide range of other modular buildings. Our explosion proof buildings are customized depending on the specific purpose, and are typically used for safe and secure storage of hazardous materials. Our spill containment flooring systems offer a reliable way to store hazardous material without the risk of environmental contamination. Hazardous materials storage buildings have become a necessity for many industrial and commercial facilities, and their importance continues to grow as there is an increasing scrutiny of compliance to the fire code.

Explosion proof enclosures

All of our modular buildings, including explosion proof enclosures, are built to meet your specifications for cost, weight, space, appearance, security and maintenance. We can provide custom design services including in-house CAD drawings.

We can supply buildings that have been assembled in our facility with expert quality control. We can deliver buildings that are completely finished including explosion proof electrical, ceiling systems, insulation, doors, windows and more. All of our buildings for storing hazardous materials are equipped with relief venting panels and roof domes.

We can incorporate explosion relief panels into our hazardous material containment buildings. In case of an explosion of the stored material, the internal pressure will cause only those specific panels to release and the building will stay safely intact.

Explosion proof enclosure expertise

We have more than 33 years’ experience. Case studies are available on our website that show how we provide unique solutions to exceed the expectations of our customers. For example, we recently designed and constructed a state-of-the-art explosion proof facility measuring 22 X 42 ft. We shipped the building in two pieces and used a crane to place them on a custom foundation. We delivered the building at 16 per cent below budget and seven weeks ahead of schedule.

Explosion proof enclosure industries

Our explosion proof buildings are suitable for practically any industry that requires safe storage of hazardous materials. We have built Haz Mat buildings for organizations including the Toronto Region Conservation Authority and The City Of Toronto. We supply buildings to a wide variety of customers and we have the knowledge to meet the needs and regulations of their various industries. Besides explosion proof solutions, we supply a variety of heavy duty structures including bullet resistant enclosures, protective guard rails, and more.

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