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Provincial Partitions manufactures prefabricated steel enclosures with modular components. We build our prefinished structures to exacting specifications, and offer a wide range of options to meet our customers’ requirements. No matter your application, from housing hazardous materials to protecting sensitive communications equipment, we can supply the appropriate enclosures. Our enclosures typically include electrical packages, spray foam insulation, ceiling systems, interior wall finish, flooring, doors and roof covering. Our prefabricated structures can provide a 40 per cent reduction in construction time as opposed to traditional buildings. We are ISO 9001 certified.


We can provide prefabricated enclosures suitable for many applications such as housing sophisticated equipment. Our enclosures can tolerate extreme temperatures. We can equip our enclosures with economizer HVAC systems to heat or cool the unit only when required, which is perfect for unmanned remote applications. We can supply enclosures that are designed for easy teardown and shipping.

In addition to custom designed models, we stock a variety of standard units for fast delivery. Whether you choose custom or standard, we can supply enclosures to meet your specific needs regarding space, weight, appearance, maintenance, security and cost.

Enclosure industries and applications

Our enclosures are used to house everything from chemical processing apparatus to robotics and communications equipment. They have been customized to be used as soundproof testing rooms in noisy manufacturing environments. Our enclosures have also been used for applications where an explosion proof structure is needed. We have experience supplying enclosures for many different industries, and we understand the requirements and regulations for any application.

Enclosure expertise

We have experienced personnel, a wide range of products and custom manufacturing capabilities to supply enclosures to meet any requirements. We can assemble your enclosure in our facility, ensuring expert quality control, at the same time we prepare your site for installation. We are a member of many professional associations including the Modular Building Institute and the Canadian Welding Bureau.

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