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Elevated Offices

Steel mezzanine elevated offices are available from this ISO 9001 manufacturer of modular buildings. Our elevated offices enable you to turn the unutilized air space in your facility into storage or office space. When you are in need of a way to manage an increase in materials or personnel without obstructing floor space, an elevated office from Provincial Partitions is the perfect solution. Our mezzanines offer the flexibility to incorporate our modular offices either above or below. They provide faster installation and a lower cost than offices constructed with traditional methods.

Elevated offices                                           

Our elevated offices feature all the benefits of our other modular office space structures. That includes a variety of options for windows, doors, electrical packages, temperature control, sound control, steel or vinyl wall panels and more. The mezzanine structural components are bolted together, and our wall paneling is a plug and play system with no mechanical fasteners, which means fast installation and flexibility to easily perform any future changes.

We can assemble all the components for you in our quality controlled facility so your structure arrives with everything completed including electrical systems, insulation, interior wall finish, and flooring. Our factory assembled structures can provide a 40 per cent reduction in construction time.

Elevated office expertise

We employ professional engineers who can design a custom storage platform or mezzanine to meet your needs. Our structures meet all the applicable requirements, and we use CWB certified welders. We perform painting in-house and have installation crews on staff. We have more than 33 years’ experience.

Elevated office industries

We provide modular buildings for a wide range of industries, so no matter your specific requirements, we can supply an appropriate custom solution. There are testimonials and case studies on our website that show how our customers’ various building projects have benefited from our unique product line. One example is the second floor office we provided for a client requiring an elevated vantage point to oversee their production line.

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