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Control Rooms

We manufacture prefabricated control rooms including both custom and standard models. We can offer production line control rooms and supervisory pulpits that are easy to transport, relocate, or reconfigure. They have a modular design to enable easy expansion to keep up with the changing requirements of your operation. Our structures are available in many different construction formats from wood framed to our patented System 40¿ preassembled units. We have provided control room solutions to many satisfied customers. Contact us today to get a quote and see how your next project will benefit from a modular space solution from Provincial Partitions.

Control rooms

Our System 40¿ wall components feature fast assembly without the need for mechanical fasteners, and a minimal number of system parts. All our wall panels are interchangeable and our structures can be easily relocated or modified. They are available with your choice of durable steel or vinyl panels. We provide cavity wall construction that enables easy installation of electrical and mechanical systems.

We can offer a variety of windows and doors, full electrical systems, temperature control, sound control and noise reduction options to fit your requirements. We can provide many options for sliding windows, door trim and moldings. Our prefinished doors are made with quality components including a wood core, steel frame and commercial hardware.

Take advantage of unused air space in your facility with steel mezzanine structures that are designed for use with our System 40¿ offices. They allow you to easily install an elevated control room while leaving the floor space below unobstructed.

Control room industries

Our control room solutions are suitable for any facility that requires a cost-effective and fast method for installing a new control room. We can supply pre-finished structures that are assembled in our factory and arrive on your site complete with electrical packages, insulation, flooring, doors, windows, and more. They can reduce construction time up to 40 per cent.

Control room expertise

We can provide custom design services with in-house CAD drawings. In addition to control rooms, we have experience building a variety of in-plant offices, enclosures, partitions and more. We are ISO 9001 certified.

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