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Communications Buildings

We are an ISO 9001 manufacturer of communication buildings and other modular buildings. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom sizes. Our solutions can be tailored to meet your requirements for space, weight, security, cost, appearance and more. We also stock a number of preassembled ready-to-ship buildings in 15 standard sizes. Buildings from Provincial Partitions consistently exceed the expectations of our customers. Visit our website to see testimonials and case studies, fill out a RFQ form, or contact us to how our solutions will benefit your next building project.

Communication buildings

We can provide prefabricated solutions in a variety of formats ranging from wood framed and steel framed to modular fiberglass construction. Our preassembled communication buildings are available with equipment that can tolerate temperature extremes from near tropical to sub-zero. Our buildings can be equipped with economizer HVAC systems to heat or cool only when needed, perfect for unmanned remote units. Our subfloor assemblies are available in either wood or welded steel.

Choosing a prefabricated building assembled in our factory can reduce construction time by 40 per cent, and ensures the highest level of quality control. The building can be delivered complete with roof covering, ceiling system, flooring, interior wall finish, doors, windows, insulation and full electrical packages. Our buildings are demountable for easy teardown and shipping.

Communication buildings industries             

Our communication buildings can be used to house anything ranging from communications equipment to oversized robotics or chemical processing apparatus. We have experience serving a wide range of industries, as you can see from the case studies and testimonials on our website. Our satisfied customers include companies such as Daimler Chrysler Corporation, Global Aerospace, and Atlas Tire.

Communication buildings expertise

We have more than 33 years’ experience manufacturing a wide range of buildings, partitions, and enclosures including clean rooms, mezzanine structures, smoke shelters, and more. Our outstanding services and products have been recognized by industry competitions including the Modular Building Institute Awards of Distinction and Plant Engineering Product of the Year.

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