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Clean Rooms

Provincial Partitions can provide custom clean rooms. Our patented system utilizes interlocking roll formed panels and stud and eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners. Our structures are the most cost-effective method for installing a clean room in a pre-existing building. They are modular so they offer the capability of virtually endless expansion or reconfigurations. Visit our website to see case studies of how our clean room solutions have been used by companies such as Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Searle Canada. Contact us for a quote today.

Clean rooms

Our clean room structures use our patented System 40TM modular partitions. For clean room applications we recommend metal clad panels with our series 8000 finish. They are made with 24-gauge pre-coated baked enamel steel. These panels offer the smoothest finish available, preventing build-up of any contamination on the walls.

Our walls and ceilings are non-shedding and battenless with a single vertical joint line that ensures they are absolutely airtight. We offer the only Canadian-made single line joinery system. Our airtight joints conform to requirements for clean rooms including Federal Standard 209E.

Our clean rooms are typically supplied with double wall cavities that make it fast and easy to install wiring, insulation, air plenums and other services. We can provide pre-assembled clean rooms including full electrical packages, interior wall finish, ceiling systems, insulation, doors and windows.

We are continually improving our products to offer our clients industry leading solutions. Recent improvements to our clean room structures include smooth roof panels, 4¿ no-dust ledge baseboards, 3¿ drive-in ledge window trim, flush P3 no-dust ledge windows, interior radius corners, and radius ceiling trim.

Clean room expertise

You can have confidence in our quality assurance programs as we are ISO 9001 certified. Our clean room structures exceed the standards for ISO Class 7, which requires all edges and joints to be positively sealed. We also have experience designing and manufacturing office partitions, environmental rooms, and various enclosures.

Clean room industries

Our environmentally controlled rooms are used in many industries and applications involving electronic components and pharmaceutical products. Depending on your application, we can supply features including HEPA filtration, air lock entry systems and special lighting packages. The modular design of our system makes it appropriate for any application where future expansion may be needed.

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