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Bullet Resistant Buildings

We manufacture bullet resistant buildings for applications ranging from information centers to guardhouses. Our buildings are modular in design, and we can provide either pre-fabricated standard configurations or custom buildings made to your specifications for space, weight, appearance, security, maintenance and cost. Provincial Partitions is ISO 9001 certified and our buildings provide many years of problem-free operation. Contact us at or fill out a RFQ form on our website to learn how your next building project will benefit from our modular space solutions.

Bullet resistant buildings        

Our proprietary System 40™ is perfect for bullet resistant kiosks. In addition to bullet proof panes, armor plating can be concealed within the panels’ wall cavities. To secure the entryway, our buildings can include double-door sealed access. Other security features include electronic intercoms, pass-through service wickets, and drop safes incorporated into our standard steel counters.  

System 40™ features faster and cleaner assembly when compared to conventional construction. Frequently our buildings can be installed in a single day which means less interruption to business. They have a plug and play design, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners. All the panels are interchangeable and can be modified on site to adjust the building dimensions. Practically any layout or wall height is possible. The flexibility of our system makes it fast and easy to expand or relocate.

Bullet resistant building industries

Our bullet resistant buildings are often used for tollbooths, ticket booths, information centers, guardhouses and kiosks. Our website includes testimonials and case studies from our satisfied customers spanning many different industries. Our custom design and manufacturing capabilities, along with the flexible nature of our modular buildings, means we can supply the perfect solution for your business, no matter the requirements.

Bullet resistant building expertise

We have been in business for over 33 years and we excel at fast turnaround times to meet tight deadlines. Our preassembled buildings offer even faster installation (reducing construction time up to 40 per cent) and expert quality control. They are delivered completely finished including insulation, doors, windows, flooring, interior wall finishing, ceiling system, and full electrical packages. In addition to bullet resistant buildings, we have experience making security fencing, explosion-proof enclosures, and storage for hazardous materials.

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