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Vinyl Dipped Products

Polymer Molding Inc. can provide a wide range of vinyl dipped products. We are a manufacturer and supplier that specializes in plastic products such as caps, plugs, and covers. Vinyl products are one part of our portfolio that is expanding at an exceptionally fast rate. The reason these products are so popular is due to the many advantages offered by vinyl. For instance, vinyl caps provide excellent flexibility, high gloss finishes, resistance to high temperatures, and inexpensive customization. We are your ideal source for vinyl products as we have more than 35 years of experience serving a number of industries with our top quality mouldings.

Vinyl dipped products

Here are some details on our selection of vinyl products:

Our VC series of vinyl closures are available in many different sizes, colours, materials, and configurations. They are used for a range of applications for protecting products from contamination or damage. The maximum service temperature for our standard vinyl caps is 177 C (350 F), and models designed specifically for high temperature applications are also available. The standard inside diameters range from 1.57 mm (0.062") to 139.7 mm (5.5"), and the maximum inside length is 660.4 mm (26"). These products are RoHS compliant and can be provided with custom printing.

Also available is our VGT series of vinyl grab tabs. These enlarged caps are ergonomically designed to be user-friendly, due to a pull-tab area that makes cap removal as easy as possible.

Vinyl dipped product expertise

Polymer Molding Inc. was established in 1978 with a focus on injection moulding of consumer products. Besides vinyl, we have the ability to work with an array of high performance thermoplastics including ABS, acrylics, acetals, and polycarbonates.  As a result, we can supply products that are customized for your desired properties including conductivity, thermal endurance, and corrosion resistance.

Vinyl dipped product industries

Our vinyl caps are used in applications such as thread protection and dust covers during storage, shipping, or assembly. Some of the markets we are involved with include automotive, construction, fluid power, aerospace, and consumer products.

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