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Silicone Rubber Products

Silicone rubber products of many types are available from Polymer Molding Inc. We specialize in the injection moulding of caps, plugs, and a range of protective products. Many of our items are designed to offer protection from both damage and contamination. Silicone rubber offers a number of advantages that make it an ideal material for a range of uses. Some of the benefits of silicone include chemical inertness and temperature resistance. Our company is the ideal source for your silicone products as we have been in business since 1978, we are ISO certified, and our facility includes full tool-building, prototyping, and mould maintenance departments.

Silicone rubber products

The products we most often manufacture include caps, plugs, netting, cable ties, tubing inserts, and high-temperature masking. For example, our SLP series of silicone plugs feature a tapered style and are designed for fitting into threaded ports or other openings during coating applications such as powder coating, E-coting, and chrome plating. These plugs are suitable for applications that require a high resistance to heat, as they are rated for service temperatures of up to 316 C (600 F).

Silicone pull plugs are also available. Our SLPP series plugs are most often used in "through-hole" applications. They work well in both threaded and non-threaded holes, and can be easily be pulled through the hole until snug to ensure a tight fit.

Silicone rubber product expertise

When you require quality-made silicon rubber products, it's critical to select a supplier that is experienced and dependable. Polymer Molding Inc. has been in operation for more than 35 years. We have established long term relationships with many customers due to our excellent service.

Silicone rubber product industries

We serve a variety of markets around the world. Due to the flexibility of our custom manufacturing services, we can meet the needs involved with many diverse industries. Some of the companies that have relied on our services in the past include HVCC, Tyco, Conair, Conitech, and Johnson Control. 

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