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Plastic Plugs

With over two decades of experience and a knowledgeable team of technicians, Polymer Molding Inc., manufactures high-quality plastic caps, plugs and custom moldings. Our products protect threaded fittings, tubing and valves from contamination and shipping damages. We primarily work with commodity-grade resins, and also have substantial experience working with engineering-grade resins. We also provide in-house tooling and prototyping, and mold maintenance and repair services. With same-day shipping and cost-effective pricing, we are committed to satisfying every customer’s every need.

Plastic Plugs Product Line

We manufacture many plastic plugs made of low-density polyethylene. The tapered-style plug, which can also be used as a cap, protects pipes, valves and other cylindrical openings from contamination. Sheet metal plugs suit applications that require thinner materials, including automobiles and hot water tanks. They snap into place easily, and do not become loose due to retaining beads. The flare-fitting plug is designed for flared JIC fittings, and features a positive seal for low-pressure environments, and knurled parts to ease insertion and removal. We also manufacture push-in plugs for a sleek finish, silicone pull plugs for “through-hole” applications, and tubing inserts in a wide range of shapes and gauges.

Plastic Plugs Industrial Applications

Our customers work in the automotive, aerospace, construction and fluid power industries, among many others.

Plastic Plugs Manufacturing Process and Other Services

Our 50,000 square foot facility includes a high-speed lean molding cell. This area houses the latest Van Dorn closed loop systems, which produces millions of components each day and help us maintain fair prices for our customers. Our press sizes range from two to 400 tons, our shot sizes range from 2.2 to 60 ounces, and we offer horizontal and vertical molding. For custom projects, we offer engineering assistance, colour matching, insert molding, and numerous secondary operations that include bagging, hole punching and printing.

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