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Nets & Netting

Polymer Molding Inc. can supply a wide variety of nets & netting. Our Polynet line of products offers reliable damage protection for plated, polished, coated, threaded, and machined exterior surfaces. The most common applications for Polynet products are to provide protection during and after expensive machining or processing. Our netting will protect those valuable features from damage during shipment. We have been in business since 1978, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and we have experience working with a wide variety of industries. Our custom capabilities allow us to offer innovative solutions to any challenge.

Nets & netting

We can provide both standard and heavy duty varieties of nets and netting. They are made from low density polyethylene, and are RoHS compliant. Our Polynet products offer a number of advantages. For instance, the netting we provide will not retain moisture, unlike many other protection methods, and it features easy installation and removal.

Polynet is affordably priced and can often eliminate the need for costly special packaging solutions, even when dealing with products of irregular shapes or sizes. It is available in rolls or cut to specified lengths. Our standard rolls range in length from 85 to 600 ft., and we can supply maximum lengths up to 3,000 ft. 

Nets & netting expertise

After more than 35 years in operation, we have gained extensive experience in producing high quality products. Polymer Molding Inc. has continually developed our capabilities and products over the years, and today we have a diverse offering and work with many different commodity grade resins as well as high performance thermoplastics.

Nets & netting industries

Our netting is ideal for any industry that requires an inexpensive, simple, and reliable solution for protecting products from damage. As a result, our products are used around the world throughout many industries such as aerospace, automotive, fluid power, construction, and consumer products.

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