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Caps & Plugs Closures

Caps & plugs from Polymer Molding Inc. are made with the best commodity resins and high performance thermoplastics. We can supply a wide range plug and cap types including tapered, pull-ring, flared, push-in, sheet metal, and rectangular. These products are excellent for preventing unwanted contamination of valves, pipes, tubes, threads, and more. Whether your threads and ports are standard, unified, N.P.T. or metric, our caps and plugs offer an affordable solution for protecting them. Most of our caps and plugs have low density polyethylene construction, and are rated for temperatures up to 150 F (66 C).

Caps & plugs

Here are some details on just a few examples of the many cap and plug types that we can offer:

Pull-ring plugs feature easy removal with a tapered style and built in lift rings. This also makes installation simple and reduces the chance of product damage. The pull rings are designed to lay flat when not in use to make packaging more efficient.

Sheet metal plugs are used for a range of applications such as appliances, rust proofing, automobiles, and hot water tanks. They can provide a reliable, secure plug in thin materials.

Vinyl caps are inexpensive to customize, and are available in many colours and configurations. They offer excellent heat resistance, with a maximum service temperature of 350 F (177 C).

Caps & plug expertise

Our products are manufactured in a 50,000 square foot facility outfitted with Van Dorn closed-loop systems. We have the capability to offer in-house prototyping, tooling, mold repair, and maintenance services. The have volume capacity of our plant allows us to produce millions of products daily and offer our customers the lowest prices.

Caps & plug industries

We have experience meeting the unique requirements of customers from many diverse industries. Some of the markets we have experience serving include automotive, aerospace, fluid power, construction, and consumer products.

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