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Industrial and commercial HVAC equipment is available from Northern Industrial Supply Co. (WEST). We are the ideal source for blowers, fans, humidifiers, and more. We offer a wide range of equipment and can provide custom solutions. Fill out our online enquiry form to get help identifying your needs. Our engineers are happy to provide advice on the best options for your project.  We supply products from top manufacturers including ILG, Neptronic, and the New York Blower Company. These companies use state-of-the-art computer-controlled manufacturing processes that result in rapid throughput and high precision results. Our products are also thoroughly inspected and tested by our knowledgeable production team.


Our HVAC equipment is available in a range of sizes, capacities, and configurations. These products feature durable structures, long life, and high efficiency. Here is some information on the different types available.

Clean air axial fans

We offer clean air axial fans such as roof ventilators (hooded, upblast, and centrifugal), tubeaxial fans, vaneaxial fans, duct fans, and tubular Accoustafoil fans.

Clean air centrifugal fans

The different types of centrifugal fans we provide include backward inclined, forward curved, high capacity, radial, and high pressure. These fans can accommodate a range of air flows relative to static pressure.

High capacity fans

Our fans for high capacity applications include RTS, backward curved, and series 60, AF-50, AF-40, and AF-30 fans. They are most frequently used for scrubbers, thermal oxidation, and combustion air applications. 

HVAC manufacturers


Neptronic was has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing HVAC products since 1976. They have a dedication to research and development which has resulted in an innovative product line to meet all the needs of the ever-changing HVAC industry.

The New York Blower Company

The New York Blower Company is one of the most trusted and experienced manufacturers in the business. They have been providing equipment to a variety of industrial and OEM markets for more than 100 years.

HVAC expertise

We are the sales representative for many top manufacturers. Our group of suppliers provides us with a wide range of high quality equipment, so we can supply products to many different industries. Some of the markets we have experience serving include automotive, agriculture, mining, transportation, and water treatment.


Northern Industrial Supply Co. (WEST)

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