Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)
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Fans of many types are available from Northern Industrial Supply Co (NISCO). We offer a wide selection of fans built by expert manufacturers, and custom equipment is also available. Our fans are used in a range of industries and applications, and they are recognized for their reliability, efficiency, and durability. We offer a variety of equipment for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning applications. Our knowledgeable sales and engineering staff are always available to provide accurate information and help you find the best solution.  We aim to be the number one supplier of high quality air handling equipment, and we focus on providing excellent customer service.


The types of fans we can supply include clean air axial fans, clean air centrifugal fans, material handling centrifugal fans, high capacity fans, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic fans. We are the engineering representative for such leading companies as Illinois Blower, Industrial Gas Engineering, and American Coolair.

Our fans are available in a variety of sizes and capacities, for example, our tubular AcoustaFoil axial fans have maximum airflows of 140,000 CFM and 14" WG static pressure. Our high pressure blowers are capable of 20,000 max CFM and 128" WG static pressure. We have high capacity fans that can achieve 240,000 CFM airflow and 46" WG static pressure.

Fan expertise

Our company was established in 1988. We only work with the most experienced and trusted manufacturers such as American Coolair and the New York Blower Company. Our broad product selection includes a range equipment such as humidifiers, heating and cooling coils, high temperature oven fans, and air knives. 

Fan industries

The fans we supply are used in a diverse array of industries and applications. For example, they are used for process heating, ventilation, and for the control of dust, fumes, and pollution. We have experience serving customers in industries including agriculture, automotive, clean rooms, foundries, mining, nuclear, petrochemical, transportation, and water treatment.


Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)
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