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Rotary Compressors

NCA Ltd. (National Compressed Air) can provide a wide variety of rotary screw compressors ranging up to 500 HP. Our products come from the industry's top manufacturers such as FS-Curtis and Quincy Compressor, and we stock a complete selection. In addition, we can provide a range of services such as repairs, turnkey installations, and air system audits. We offer all types of equipment for compressed air systems including custom designed compressor packages, natural gas pumps and boosters, vacuum systems, oil free packages, and energy saving technologies such as VSD and Power$ync.

Rotary compressors

We can supply Quincy's QSI premium industrial compressors. They feature the industry's longest life airends with a standard 130,000 hour design. They incorporate triplex bearings and a direct driven lubricant pump. In addition to long life, these compressors offer energy efficiency. They are available with Power$ync variable capacity control. Power$ync enable the compressors to be used as both a base load and a part load machine, as it can quickly decrease the air flow output when the entire capacity is not needed. Quincy's QSI compressors can provide 100 to 150 psig and 243 to 1500 cfm.

From FS-Curtis, we can supply the ZW series oil free screw compressors. These highly efficient compressors can provide up to 15 per cent energy savings compared to dry screw type compressors. The ZW series uses a water injected compression process that produces totally oil-less air. The oil-less design also means there is no need for oil changes, oil filters, or oil separator element changes.  For customers with variable air demand, variable speed driven ZW compressors offer an additional 30 to 35 per cent energy savings.

Manufacturers' expertise

Quincy Compressor offers decades of experience in creating energy efficient compressed air systems, as it has been in business since 1920. The manufacturer's equipment is used in some of the most demanding and critical applications in many different industries.

FS-Curtis has earned a reputation for quality. From design and engineering to assembly and shipping, the company performs all phases of production to the highest industry standards. As a result, FS-Curtis air compressors are known for reliability.


We have been in business since 1978. NCA Ltd. is dedicated to ensuring our customers' compressed air systems are operate in the most efficient manner, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to compressors, we can provide air dryers and filtration, piping systems, cooling systems, receiver tanks, and more.

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