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Reciprocating Compressors

NCA Ltd. can supply reciprocating compressors of many types. We stock a variety of models from leading manufacturers such as Quincy Compressor and FS-Curtis. The various types available include gas, diesel, and electric powered models. They come standard with many advanced features and can be supplied in custom configurations. Our selection includes everything from large, heavy duty compressors to portable models. NCA Ltd. has been selling and servicing compressed air systems since 1978. Besides reciprocating compressors, we can offer rotary screw compressors up to 500 HP, oil free packages, vacuum systems, natural gas pumps and boosters, and more.

Quincy reciprocating compressors

  • The Air Master series offers 2 and 3.5 HP stationary and portable compressors. They are single-stage and provide 110 to 135 psi working pressure and 7.1 to 12.4 acfm @ 100 psig.
  • The QT series of splash lubricated compressors offer the most acfm per brake horsepower in the industry, so they provide more air while using less energy. These compressors range from 5-30 HP with 175 psig maximum.
  • PRO two-stage compressors are available in many different configurations including gas, diesel, or electric. The electric models can have ODP single or three-phase motors with overload protection included as standard.
  • MAX compressors  feature cast-iron pumps that provide long life. They are available in pressure lubricated and duplex varieties, as well as with additional tank configurations. Electric motor driven models provide 5 to 15 HP.
  • QP series industrial duty compressors are designed for applications where traditional splash lubrication won't cut it.

 FS-Curtis reciprocating compressors

  • The Masterline series includes electric models for 5-30 HP.
  • The Large Industrial series compressors range from 25 to 125 HP up to 250 psi. They are designed for reliability, low maintenance and extended service life.
  • Challenge Air series includes two-stage compressors ranging from 3 to 15 HP. They feature low power consumption and heavy duty cast iron construction.
  • CT series electric compressors range from 145 to 175 psi and can provide between 17.8 and 34.1 CFM @ 175 psi.
  • Portable compressors are available in electric or gas models with either 23 gallon or 8 gallon twin tank designs. They have heavy duty tires, and OSHA approved beltguards, and large intake filter silencers.


Quincy Compressor has been in operation since 1920. Over the years, Quincy has continued to refine and improve its offering. The company's equipment is backed by some of the industry's most comprehensive warranties, including coverage for up to 10 years for select components.

FS-Curtis air compressors are recognized for quality and reliability. The manufacturer utilizes the latest computer aided design to create compressor package configurations to customer specifications. FS-Curtis has a history that dates back to 1854.

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