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Compressor Repair & Service

NCA Ltd. (National Compressed Air) offers air compressor repair & service. Some of the services we offer include air system audits, preventive maintenance programs, turnkey installations, rebuilds, and overhauls. Our company is the ideal source for these services as we have more than three decades of experience selling, servicing, and repairing industrial compressed air equipment. In addition to these services, we can supply a full range of equipment from the industry's top manufacturers.

Repair & service

We have two completely equipped service facilities located in London and Mississauga. In addition, our parts department is fully stocked with both OEM and aftermarket parts for all compressor makes and models. We can perform rebuilds, overhauls, and repairs for all types of industrial air compressors, blowers, air dryers, and vacuum systems.

We understand how important a properly functioning compressed air system is to our customers' businesses. To keep our customers' operations running reliably, we offer preventive maintenance programs and air system audits. In the event that something does go wrong, we can provide 24 hour emergency service to minimize downtime.

Our solutions have saved companies thousands of dollars per year. For example, our Quincy supported air audit program can reveal ways to improve existing compressor systems to save energy and avoid downtime. We can show customers how to improve efficiency with their existing equipment by simply changing the way compressed air is produced and used. These changes can have a significant effect on the bottom line.

Company expertise

NCA Ltd. has been in business since 1978. We have a full line of compressed air equipment that features the latest technologies and best energy savings in the industry. Our technicians are factory trained millwrights and we are a TSSA certified piping installer.

Equipment supply

Our company is an authorized distributor for many leading manufacturers including Quincy, Parker, FS-Curtis, and Champion. In addition to compressors, we supply a variety of equipment including air dryers, filtration, condensate management, blowers, piping systems, cooling systems, and receiver tanks.

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