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Compressor Parts

NCA Ltd. (National Compressed Air) stocks a complete inventory of compressor parts and accessories. Our selection includes parts for all makes and models of compressors, including a full range of both OEM and aftermarket parts. We are able to offer extremely competitive pricing due to our extensive partnerships in the compressed air industry. Our company is an authorized distributor for many leading manufacturers. That includes companies such as Quincy Compressors, Champion, Chicago Pneumatic, and FSCurtis. We can provide the latest technologies such as cycling air dryers, compressor control systems, variable speed/displacement air compressors, and more.

Compressor parts

Some of the parts and accessories we can supply include:

  • Maintenance kits that offer a convenient way to get the parts you need at a discounted price
  • Synthetic lubricants that offer extended life and savings in labour costs.
  • Aluminum piping for savings on installation and operating costs when compared to black pipe.
  • Zero air loss drains that provide energy cost savings by not wasting compressed air.
  • Rebuild kits for preventative maintenance that will keep your compressor working properly and avoid costly breakdowns.

In addition to supplying parts, we can offer air compressor repair and services including air system audits, turnkey installations, 24 hour emergency service, and preventative maintenance programs.

Wide equipment selection

The wide range of equipment we supply includes vacuum pumps, air dryers, filtration, air receivers, steady pressure flow controllers, and more. When it comes to compressors, the selection includes rotary screw types up to 500 HP, reciprocating types up to 125 HP, natural gas pumps and boosters, and custom designed compressor packages. 

Company expertise

NCA Ltd. been supplying and servicing industrial compressed air systems since 1978.We have a full selection of the most advanced and energy-efficient equipment in the industry. We appreciate how important is to our customers' businesses that their compressed air systems function properly. That's why we are dedicated to ensuring our customers' equipment keeps operating as efficiently as possible, and without interruptions.

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