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Compressed Air Piping

A wide range of compressed air piping is available from NCA Ltd. (National Compressed Air). Our piping systems offer low pressure drop, low installation costs, CRN approval, and two year warranties on the pipe and fittings. Our selection includes versatile piping that is sophisticated enough for NASA yet affordable enough for a home garage. We are the ideal source for compressed air piping due to our broad selection, product quality, and service capabilities. Our company has been in business since 1978 and we have excelled by offering the industry's best products and services. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers have compressed air systems that work reliably and in the most efficient manner possible.

Compressed air piping

We offer Transair aluminum pipe for use in a wide variety of applications. These piping systems meet the requirements for aerospace, electronic, automotive, medical, manufacturing, power generation, and more.  They are available in a range of sizes including 100mm (4 inches,) 76mm (3 inches), 63mm (2.5 inches), 40mm (1.5 inches), 25mm (1 inch), and 16.5mm (0.5 inches).

Purestream piping is also available. This integrated and flexible system features precision aluminum piping that is easy to install. Purestream can save time and money by ensuring minimal downtime and less pressure drop.  It is available with aluminum fittings ranging from 63mm up to 80mm and space age thermoplastic fittings up to 50mm. 

Product selection

Our company stocks a broad selection of equipment for compressed air systems. For example, we can offer compressors, blowers, air dryers, cooling systems, receiver tanks, and more. Our selection includes the industry's latest and most energy efficient compressed air equipment. By providing our customers with these advanced solutions, we have helped them save thousands of dollars a year.

Full service capabilities

NCA Ltd. can provide a variety of services for compressed air equipment. For instance, we perform turnkey installations and we are a TSSA certified piping installer. We can also perform rebuilds, overhauls, and repairs to all makes and models of air compressors, vacuum systems, blowers, and air dryers. We have a parts department that is fully stocked with both OEM and aftermarket parts, and two completely equipped service facilities. 

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