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Compressed Air Line Filters

NCA Ltd. (National Compressed Air) can supply a full selection of compressed air line filters. We stock products from leading manufacturers such as Curtis, Walker Filtration, Quincy Filtration, Domnick Hunter, and Nano Industrial Line Filters. Our equipment includes the latest energy saving technologies in the industry. We can offer a wide range of line filters, oil-free filtration systems, mist eliminators, and custom designed filtration packages. We also provide services ranging from installation to emergency repair. NCA Ltd. has been in business since 1978. Our company has the experience, capabilities, and resources to provide the ideal solutions for any compressed air system requirement.

Line filters

The wide range of Walker Filtration products available includes wall and floor mounted breathable air filter packages. They will ensure operators have air that is clean and free of particles or liquid oil. These filters also provide improved user comfort due to the added benefit of taste and odour removal.

From Nano Industrial Line Filters, we can supply the nano F-Series2 filters. They feature improved filtration performance for industrial applications with high flow. These filters will provide reliable and efficient removal of liquid and particulates, with low pressure drop. They can also be used in high temperature applications thanks to specialized elements.

In addition, we can offer the OIL-X Evolution compressed air filters from Domnick Hunter. This product series consists of coalescing filter grades for the removal of dust, water and oil aerosols, solid particulates and micro-organisms.

Full service capabilities

NCA Ltd. is the ideal source for compressed air system equipment thanks to our complete product selection and full range of services. Our technicians are factory trained millwrights and we can perform rebuilds, overhauls, emergency repairs, or preventative maintenance. We can also provide turnkey installations and air system audits that will keep compressed air systems working efficiently and reliably.

Product selection

In addition to line filters, NCA Ltd. supplies equipment such as compressors, vacuum pumps, air dryers, air receivers, aluminum air piping, and more. When it comes to replacement parts and accessories, we stock both OEM and aftermarket parts for all makes and models of equipment. We are able to offer these products at extremely competitive prices thanks to our extensive partnerships within the compressed air industry.

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