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Air Dryers

NCA Ltd. can supply a wide variety of air dryers. We carry a full range of dryers from leading manufacturers including Quincy, FS-Curtis, Friulair, Nano Purification, Domnick Hunter, and Purestream. The different types of dryers available include refrigerated or regenerative types. Refrigerated dryers are available in both cycling and non-cycling varieties, and our regenerative dryers include both heated and heatless types. Our product offering consists of the most advanced and energy efficient equipment in the industry. In addition, we can provide services ranging from turnkey installations and preventative maintenance to equipment overhauls and emergency repairs.

Air dryer features

We offer some of the latest technologies and most energy efficient equipment in the industry. One example is the R Series cycling refrigeration dryer from Nano Purification. The R Series acts like two dryers in one, as it combines the benefits of a direct thermal exchange with thermal storage. This design offers the lowest power consumption of any dryer on the market. In fact, R Series dryers use up to 80 per cent less energy than traditional dryers.  

A variety of Quincy desiccant air dryers are available. These units purify compressed air by absorbing water vapor. To accomplish this, the dryers direct wet compressed air through a bed of highly absorbent desiccant. Quincy air dryers use Q-Sorb as the desiccant, which is a advanced proprietary activated alumina. Q-Sorb offers reduced operating costs thanks to uniformly sized beads that minimize channeling and allow more efficient use of the whole dryer tower. In addition, Q-Sorb provides longer filter element life, longer desiccant life, and lower pressure drop due to its higher crush strength and low abrasion characteristic.  

Equipment selection

Besides air dryers, NCA Ltd. supplies a full range of equipment for compressed air systems. The equipment we supply includes compressors, filtration systems, condensate management, blowers for both pressure and vacuum systems, aluminum piping systems, industrial cooling systems, and receiver tanks.

Company expertise

Since 1978, NCA Ltd. has been selling and servicing industrial compressed air systems. Over the years, we have grown and expanded our market share by offering the industry's best products and service. We have two completely equipped service facilities and we stock OEM and aftermarket parts for all air dryer makes and models.

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