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Air Compressors

A wide range of air compressors is available from NCA Ltd. (National Compressed Air). Our selection includes a variety of reciprocating models up to 125 HP and rotary screw models up to 500 HP. They also include many different compressor types including pressure lubricated, oil free, variable speed, belt drive, direct drive, and more. In addition, we can provide custom designed compressor packages to suit virtually any requirement. These compressors are supplied by industry leading manufacturers such as FS-Curtis and Quincy Compressor. We are committed to ensuring our customers' compressed air systems are working efficiently 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Air compressors

The selection of Quincy compressors available includes their QSI series of premium industrial compressors. They feature the longest life airends in the industry, with a 130,000 design, triplex bearings, and direct driven lubricant pump. The airends are also over-sized for low RPM and exceptional efficiency. These compressors range from 20 HP to 350 HP models that can deliver between 243 cfm and 1500 cfm. Like all Quincy compressors, the QSI series has the world's best standard warranty as the airend is covered for 10 years.

From FS-Curtis, we can provide a variety of models such as the ZW series oil free screw compressors. They can deliver totally oil-less air with a water injected process. In this design, water is used to cool, seal, and lubricate the compressor. It incorporates ceramic water-lubricated bearings that provide long life and reliability. This oil-less design means there is no need for oil filters, oil separators, or oil disposal. In addition, the water absorbs heat and provides nearly ideal isothermal compression, maximizing efficiency.

Company expertise

NCA Ltd. can supply a wide variety of equipment for compressed air systems. Besides compressors, we can offer vaccum systems, air dryers and filtration, condensate management, blowers, piping, cooling systems, and receiver tanks. We also offer a range of services for compressor systems including preventative maintenance programs, air system audits, and turnkey installation.

Leading manufacturers

Quincy Compressor

Equipment from Quincy is backed by the manufacturer's decades of experience in the design and operation of air systems. The manufacturer has been in business since 1920 and has continually refined and improved its product offering. Quincy is also known for providing solutions that offer increased efficiency without sacrificing performance.


FS-Curtis compressors are known for their reliability. The company meets or exceeds the highest industry standards at all stages of production, from design and engineering to assembly and shipping. The history of FS-Curtis dates back to 1854.

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