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Valve Position Actuators

A range of valve actuators, positioners and controllers are available from Mod-Tronic Ltd. These products can provide reliable and precise control of valves. We only supply quality products from the best manufacturers. They include position transducers from Camille Bauer and valve positioners from Absolute Process Instruments. When it comes to finding the best product for the job, our sales force can draw on more than 80 years of combined experience. We stock thousands items for prompt shipping to most countries around the world. If we don't have exactly what a customer is looking for, most of the manufacturers we work with can provide custom solutions.  

Valve position actuators

A number of angular position transducers are available. For example, the Kinax 3W2 is often used for valve positioning applications. This transducer converts the angular position of a shaft to a DC signal. It features a non-contact design, vibration resistance, and long life.

Another valve positioning solution available is the API 3200 G. This valve actuator/positioner/controller can provide automatic or manual valve control. It uses a DC input to control the position of valves and linear actuators. The module compares the control signal to the valve position, and provides excitation voltage to the valve or valve actuator's feedback potentiometer when needed. Once the valve position matches the control signal, the relay goes into neutral and the motor will stop. This module features heavy duty relay contacts that enable direct control of high capacity loads without the need for a secondary device.

The API 3200 G has relay status LEDs, an input LoopTracker LED, and test/manual positioning pushbuttons. It provides SPDT relay output, 115 VAC. This valve positioner/actuator/controller also features a hot-swappable plug in design. It is used for applications including fail safe valve control, flow control when used with a flow meter, and to maintain a constant temperature differential across a heat exchanger.

Visit our website for more information on the range of valve position actuators available.

Company expertise

Since the founding of Mod-Tronic Ltd. in 1972, we have been dedicated to providing our customers with products of top quality that are competitively priced. We are known for working with our customers, taking the time to understand the application, analyze the requirements, and suggest the best solution.


We supply products from 14 leading manufacturers including MINCO, Exergen, Mercotac, and Absolute Process Instruments. These companies supply a range of industrial sensors, controls, heaters, transducers, and instrumentation. 


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