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Thermocouple Amplifiers

Thermocouple amplifiers are available from Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. We supply a variety of products for amplifying thermocouple signals including converters, isolators, transmitters and more. Our amplifying products offer a range of features such as field selectable input types, scale ranges, and output actions. These products are supplied by high quality manufacturers such as Love Controls, Camille Bauer, and Absolute Process Instruments. We understand that customers need to receive parts quickly, so we stock thousands of catalogue items for prompt shipping. If we don't carry the ideal product to suit a customer's requirements, custom made solutions are also available.

Thermocouple amplifiers

We can supply the Love Controls Model SCU process signal converter/isolator. It is a universal analog input transmitter for the isolation, display, and transmission of all common process sources. This unit enables selection of input from eight thermocouple types, three RTD types, and process inputs. It also features 1500 V isolation between inputs and outputs, and offer two independent alarms. The current/voltage input ranges are scalable in engineering units from -19999 to +19999, with adjustable decimal points.

We also offer thermocouple to DC transmitters from Absolute Process Instruments. For example, the API 4100 features voltage or current output, and automatic cold junction compensation to suit the type of thermocouple used. These amplifiers are typically used to isolate and transmit thermocouple signals or to rescale thermocouple temperature ranges to full 4-20 mA.

Visit our website for details on our complete selection of themocouple amplifier products.

Company expertise

Since the founding of Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. in 1972, we have gained experience assisting customers with all types of unique application requirements. We have earned a reputation for working closely with our customers to fully understand their requirements before suggesting the most appropriate solutions.

Industries served

We have experience serving customers from a diverse range of industries. Some of them include aerospace, building automation, medical, military, oil and gas, and rotating machinery protection.


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