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Strain Gauge Amplifiers

A variety of strain gauge amplifiers are available from Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. Our offering includes a range of signal conditioners, transmitters, and isolators with signal amplifying capabilities. One example is the API 4059 G strain gauge to DC transmitter. It can accept input from a strain gauge, load cell, bridge, or a summed input from up to four sensors. It then amplifies and converts the signal into an isolated DC voltage or current output. Our company supplies amplifiers of the highest quality at affordable prices, and we are used to finding the ideal solutions for specialized requirements.

Strain gauge amplifiers

Absolute Process Instruments manufactures the API 4059 G transmitter for strain gauge applications. For effective use of low-level transducers in noisy environments, the API 4059 G transmitter includes filtering and processing capabilities.  This module is useful for noise pickup reduction, ground loop elimination, and common mode signal rejection because it provides full three-way isolation (input, output, and power). The transmitter can accept input ranges as small as 0 to 5 mV with sensitivity of 0.5 mV/V, or as large as 0 to 400 mV with a sensitivity of 40 mV/V.  It is typically used for strain gauge pressure sensors and strain gauge or load cell weighing systems.

A range of other equipment is available for amplifying the signals from strain gauges. We also offer a full selection of sensors, monitors, controls, and more. Visit our company website for more information.

Company expertise

Since the founding of Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. in 1972, our goal has been to provide equipment our customers can count on. We pride ourselves on supplying these top quality products at competitive prices. We stock thousands of catalogue items for fourteen industry-leading manufacturers, and these products are ready for same day shipment.

Industries served

We have experience serving a diverse range of industries such as machinery protection, building automation, aerospace, military, medical, and oil and gas. Our sales force has extensive experience assisting with unique application challenges, and most of our manufacturers can offer custom solutions in the event we don¿t offer the exact products required.


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