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High Temperature Alarms

Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. can supply a variety of high temperature alarms. Our products include temperature/process switches, monitors, and controllers. They are used in a range of process control applications, from monitoring refrigeration systems to protecting bearings in motors, pumps, and turbines. These alarms can be used with many different types of temperature sensors. We can supply all the components needed for complete process control solutions including sensors, transmitters, data recorders, and more. Our products are supplied by manufacturers that are known for quality, such as Minco, Shinko, and Love Controls.

High temperature alarms

We can supply a range of digital temperature alarms from Love Controls. One example is the Series TST digital temperature switch. It can be used to regulate refrigeration systems including compressors, defrosters, and fans. This unit has dual probe input, three SPST relays, digital input, and alarm output. IT offers a probe temperature range from -50 to 150 degrees C (-58 to 302 degrees F). In addition to alarms, this temperature switch offers a variety of programmable parameters allowing users to define set point, fan operation, regulation times, drip time, compression cycling, and more. Ambient and probe temperature are viewable on the unit's three-digit display.

Also available is a full selection of temperature controllers from Shinko. They include the ACR series 1/8 DIN digital indicating controller. These units feature dual programmable alarm output as standard,   NEMA 4X protective construction, and multi-input capabilities. These controllers can be used with 10 thermocouple types, one RTD type, two current inputs, and four voltage inputs.  

Company expertise

Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. is the ideal source for temperature alarm products with our knowledgeable staff, large stock of quality products, and competitive prices. We have a sales force with more than 80 years of combined experience. Our professionals take the time to fully understand customer requirements and find solutions to unique application challenges.

Industries served

We have experience supplying products to a variety of diverse industries. Some of the markets we often serve include oil and gas, building automation, rotating machinery protection, aerospace, medical, and military.


Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.
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