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Engine Alarm Systems

Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. can provide a wide variety of alarm systems for engines. We can supply all the components needed for reliable protection of engines. They include sensors such as RTDs and thermocouples, sensor accessories such as thermowells and compression fittings, and instruments such as temperature monitors and alarms. Our selection of versatile products allows us to meet any special requirements. We work with our customers and take the time to understand their needs before recommending the best solutions. Once the products are chosen, we can provide same-day shipment since we stock thousands of catalogue items.

Engine alarm systems

For instance, we can supply catalyst monitors from Dynalco Controls that provide alarms for a number of parameters on rich-burn and lean-burn engines. These monitors are capable of monitoring parameters including engine hours; engine speed; catalyst inlet/outlet temperatures, pressures, and differentials; and left and right bank O2 sensor outputs to ensure proper AFC operation.

The monitors can provide alarms when any parameter is out of compliance, as well as on-board data logging for alarm history including date and time stamps. The memory will not be erased in the event of power loss.

Also available are a range of monitors and sensors that can provide that can provide hot bearing alarms. One example is the MINCO CT224 12-channel temperature/process monitor. When used with our RTDs and thermocouple probes for measuring bearing temperatures, they can prevent costly damage to engines, pumps, electric motors, and more.

For more information on the range of alarm systems available for gas and diesel engines, visit our website.

Company expertise

Since 1972, Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. have been providing our customers with products of top quality of competitive prices. Our professionals can help with any unique application challenge as our sales force offers more than 80 years of combined experience.

Industries served

We have experience serving customers in many diverse industries such as aerospace, medical, oil and gas, military, building automation, and rotating machine protection. We can offer solutions for a wide variety of applications, as we distribute products from 14 leading manufacturers of sensors, heaters, controls, transducers, and instrumentation.


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