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Flexible Circuits

Flexible circuits are available from Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. We supply MINCO flex-circuits, a simpler, more reliable solution for electronic interconnection. They bring the benefits of printed circuits into three dimensions, providing a superior replacement for conventional wiring. Some of the advantages include the versatile shape, vibration resistance, lower mass, and space reduction. Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. is known for supplying top quality products at competitive prices. We work with the best manufacturers of sensors, transducers, controls, instrumentation, and more. Our company has been in business for over 44 years.

Flexible circuits

MINCO flex-circuits are available with fine pitch as small as 0.0003 inch (0.08 mm) lines and spaces. To allow for component mounting, these flexible circuits can incorporate stiffeners or rigid zones. As opposed to discrete wiring or ribbon cable, flex circuits enable a custom repeatable routing path. This ensures dependability and longevity. In addition, these circuits will stand up to harsh environments, as the conductors are typically covered with polyimide. This dielectric layer provides far superior protection when compared to a simple soldermask. A variety of other base and cover materials are available to suit different ambient conditions.

Another benefit of flex-circuits is their resistance to vibration. When compared to PCBs, flex-circuits offer ductility and low mass that results in reduced vibration impact on the circuit and solder joints. Visit our website to view a flex-circuit design guide and learn more about their many benefits.

Industries served

We can supply tight tolerance, fine-line flexible circuits for a range of applications. Just some of the industries they are used in include medical, military, and aerospace. These reliable, high quality circuits are often used in critical applications ranging from pacemakers to guidance systems.

Company expertise

Since 1972, Mod-Tronic Instruments has been distributing quality products with a focus on working with our customers. That means we spend time to understand the application, analyze the requirements, and then recommend the best options. If our stock of thousands of catalogue items doesn't include the exact product required, we can supply custom built solutions from most of our manufacturers.


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