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Conveyor Alarms

Conveyor alarms are available from Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. We supply a wide range alarms from renowned suppliers. Our products can provide reliable notification when user-set alarm conditions are met. They include alarms for temperature/process control, motion, voltage drop, and more. We can provide solutions to meet customers' exact requirements, as we stock thousands of catalogue items and most of our manufacturers can offer custom built products. We also have a sales force with more than 80 years of combined experience to assist with special applications and unique challenges. Our top quality products offer low total cost of ownership due to long lasting performance.  

Conveyor alarms

We offer a complete selection of signal alarm trips from Absolute Process Instruments. One example is the APD 1090 DC input dual SPDT alarm trip. The APD 1090 can accept DC voltage or current inputs to provide visual alarms and alarm relay contact outputs. This unit is field configurable and features fast setup. It takes only one minute to configure 24 different input ranges (15 voltage and 9 current, using the external rotary and slide switches. To make installation as fast as possible, these alarm trips also have removable plugs. Another feature is the input LoopTracker and alarm status LEDs. An LED light varies in intensity to show changes in the process input signal. This provides continuous indication of the process status at a glance.

Visit our website for details on the wide selection of alarms available.

Company expertise

Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. has been supplying top quality products since 1972. We work with fourteen leading manufacturers of sensors, transducers, controls, heaters, and instrumentation. Our alarm products are supplied by renowned companies such as Shinko, Love Controls, and Absolute Process Instruments.

Industries served

Our alarm products are used in a variety of industries and applications. Some of them include industrial process control, machinery protection, HVAC/R, medical, oil and gas, military, and aerospace. 


Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.
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