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We offer process and temperature controls that can help you better manage your complex equipment. Whether you’re looking for a versatility, expert programmability or easy use, Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. has the controller to suit your needs and budget. Our wide selection ensures that we have solutions for any application and price range. Many of our products offer added functionality, acting as controls, alarms and more. So when you buy a controller from us, you don’t just get the peace of mind that comes with better automating your equipment. You get added value for your purchase.

Controls in all functions and sizes

We carry controlling equipment from manufacturers such as Love Controls, MINCO and Shinko North America. Temperature and process controllers from Love Controls come in models ranging from 1/32 to 1/4 DIN. Each of their 1/32 DIN controllers come with universal inputs, while their 1/16 DIN controllers include the 1400 Series, a low-cost analog temperature controller that also features an alarm for more effective temperature supervision and control. Their 1/8 DIN controllers include the versatile Series 8B, the programmable Series 8C, the adaptable 8600 Series and more.      MINCO’s range of temperature controllers include the CT198, a compact heater/temperature sensor that doesn’t burn through power, making it more cost efficient and productive. The CT335 is designed to mount on a micro-processor and features two inputs and outputs, while the CT425 makes use and installation easy. We also carry temperature controllers with alarm functionality (MINCO CT15), extra control modes (MINCO CT16A) and more.     Finally, Shinko’s controllers range from 1/32 to 1/4 DIN controllers, with rail mounting, power and programmable controllers also available. The DIN controllers feature inputs ranging from thermocouples and RTDs to multi- and universal inputs. Many also have clear LCD displays with up to five digits. The rail mounting controllers include the DCL-33A, which functions as both controller and transmitter, the NCL-13A with programmable control and the DIN rail mounting controller with multiple functionality and space efficiency.

Functionality across industries

Each of our high-quality controls can help you to manage temperature and processes. These can be used in industries such as plastics, food preparation, machining and more. Whether you’re looking to control heating equipment like chillers or incinerators or to manage injection moulding, we have the controls that will work best for your application

About us

With over 40 years’ experience, we’ve built our reputation on offering the finest products from trusted manufacturers.

We represent the following manufacturers:

Love Controls:     Dwyer Instruments manufactures the Love Controls line of controllers and sensors.

MINCO:    MINCO offers high-quality thermal management equipment to a variety of diverse and exciting industries.


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