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AC Current Amplifiers

AC current amplifiers are available from Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. A variety of products with amplifying capabilities are available such as signal isolators, transmitters, conditioners, and more. For instance, we offer convertor/isolators that can accept AC inputs and convert them to any DC voltage or mA range. These units also feature fast installation, input flexibility, and full isolation of input, output and power.  Mod-Tronic Ltd. is the best source for AC current amplifiers due to our complete selection and exceptional customer service. Our sales force has more than 80 years of combined experience providing application assistance.

AC current amplifiers

We can supply the API 2000 series two channel convertor/isolator. This unit offers two independent channels for signal conversion, isolation, and retransmission. It can accept a variety of input types including AC, DC, RTD, frequency, potentiometer, and strain gauge.  This converter/isolator is typically used for applications include simultaneous voltage and current monitoring, current with speed or temperature monitoring, and DC motor shunts and voltage monitoring.

The unit also offers full three-way isolation of input, output, and power. This provides ground loop elimination, signal noise reduction, and common mode signal rejection. Additional features of this convertor/isolator include removable plugs for easy installation, input and output LoopTracker LEDs, and functional test button.

Visit our website for more information on the many types of amplifiers available.

Quality manufacturing

Our products are supplied by 14 quality manufacturers. Some of them include Minco, Exergen, Dynalco Controls, and Absolute Process Instruments. Because we supply proven brands, our customers can count on our products for quality and performance. These products offer a lower total cost of ownership when compared to inferior products that need frequent replacement.

Company expertise

Since 1972, Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. have been supplying top quality products at competitive prices. We have a knowledgeable sales force that works alongside customers to understand their requirements and recommend the best solutions. If our large stock does not include the exact product required, we can also offer custom solutions.


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