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Safety Footwear: Work boot, Casual, Cold Weather

Safety footwear is our specialty, and we offer a wide variety to suit many environments, hazards, specialty requirements, and style preferences. Some of the types of safety footwear we provide include boots, casuals, athletics, cold weather, and metguards. Unisex, men's, and women's shoes are available. Although appearance should not be the first consideration when it comes to choosing personal safety gear, attractive options that fit employees' sense of style can help ensure compliance and satisfaction. Footwear from Mister Safety Shoes offers unparalleled fit, quality, and features. Visit our online store, drop by one of our 16 retail outlets, or let us bring a mobile showroom to your site in one of our "Shoemobiles".

Safety footwear

Our comprehensive product line of safety shoes includes options that are well suited to industrial, manufacturing, institutional, service-related, and warehouse settings. Here are some of the details on our various types:

  • Boots available in 6-inch and 8-inch styles, and feature extra support, stability and protection. They range from traditional work boots to the latest hiking styles and safety pull-on cowboy boots.
  • Casual/oxford shoes including slip on safety loafers, heavy duty work oxfords, and dress styles that are fit for business attire.
  • Athletic shoes that combine comfort, performance, and style with safety features needed for the work environment. We carry brands such as Airwalk, Wilson, and Reebok Work.
  • Cold weather boots that will keep employees warm in refrigerated environments or harsh winter conditions. They resist moisture, freezing, and cracking.

Safety footwear expertise

Mister Safety Shoes' more than 40 years in the industry has resulted in our wide selection of products and our extensive knowledge. Our dedication to worker safety was influenced by a fatal accident witnessed by our founder, Frank Colantonio, when he was working as a laborer in 1950. The traumatic event led him to work with the Construction Safety Association as a safety instructor, and later to create Mister Safety Shoes with a focus on making it easy to be safe.   

Safety footwear industries

We offer shoes and boots that meet a range of CSA specifications, so they are well suited to use in many industries and applications. Their features include sole protection, toe protection, metatarsal protection, static dissipative, electric shock resistant, chemical resistance, and chainsaw safety.

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