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Safety Eyeglasses: Protection from Flying Objects

Safety eyeglasses including clear and shaded varieties are available from Mister Safety Shoes. They will protect your workers from flying objects and are available with a variety of different coatings such as anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-UV, and anti-static. Several options for lens colours are available so you can choose the most appropriate solution for your environment or application. Most of our safety glasses are supplied by Dynamic Safety, a specialist in manufacturing protective equipment. Our convenient services will help simplify your safety management. We have a wide selection, a network of retail locations, convenient mobile stores, and our 24-hour online store.

Safety eyeglasses

The glasses we supply are certified to Canadian Standards Association standard CSA Z94.3-2002. That means their performance is accessed with a ¼ inch steel ball traveling at 46.5 m/sec.

The many available lens colours offer a range of benefits. For instance, grey and mirrored lenses are good avoiding eye strain from light and glare, and vermillion lenses offer enhanced contrast for better colour recognition in inspection applications.

For protection from dust and harmful particles, we offer the Dynamic EP900 SpectaGoggle which features a foam covered frame. Basic visitor safety glasses are also available, and we supply models with frames large enough to fit properly over most prescription glasses.

We can also supply lanyards to help workers avoid dropping or misplacing safety glasses. This inexpensive solution keeps glasses secure around the neck when not in use. Also available are removable side shields that protect the eyes from debris or impacts coming from the sides.

Safety eyeglass expertise

For more than 40 years, we have been providing effective safety solutions. Our dedication to worker protection stems from our founder Frank Colantonio. As a laborer on the construction site in 1950, he witnessed the death of a fellow worker due to electrocution when a frayed electrical cord made contact with a puddle. This led to Frank¿s providing a source for protective equipment that makes it easy to keep workers safe.

Safety eyeglass industries

Eyeglasses are an essential part of worker protection for many applications. We have experience working with customers from a wide variety of industries, ranging from construction and electrical to forestry. 

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