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Safety Equipment: Protection, Comfort, and Style

A wide variety of safety equipment is available from Mister Safety Shoes. Our selection includes many types of high visibility and flame retardant clothing; boots, shoes, and other footwear; and accessories such as hardhats, safety goggles, and more. Our products feature durable designs and materials for long-lasting performance in the face of chemicals, abrasions, freezing temperatures, and other harsh conditions. When safety gear becomes worn out, it no longer offers the same protection, and that's why our products are built for endurance. We pride ourselves on making it easy to be safe and compliant through our online store, retail outlets, mobile showrooms, and corporate programs.

Safety equipment

We specialize in safety boots and shoes, and we offer a comprehensive selection with a range of available features. Some safety footwear on the market offers ample protection but is sorely lacking in comfort. On the other hand, our products feature light weight, proper support, padding, and breath-ability.  The result is happy employees that will experience greater comfort, fewer foot issues and lost work days that stem from ill-fitting, uncomfortable footwear.

Our many options for equipment styles enables workers to find products that meet all safety requirements in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. Studies have shown that this helps contribute to worker compliance.

The work clothing we supply includes high visibility and flame retardant vests, shirts, coveralls and parkas, as well as specialized work pants with built-in knee pads and integrated tool pouches.  Some of the other equipment we offer includes safety glasses, hardhats, insoles and overshoes.

Safety equipment industries

Our wide selection and extensive experience makes us the ideal source for your safety equipment needs. The footwear we offer is CSA certified for protection against sole puncture, toe impact, electric shock, static discharge, and more. We supply products for a range of industrial, manufacturing, warehouse, service-related, and institutional environments.

Safety equipment expertise

We have experts available to recommend which products are best suited to your workplace. During our more than 40 years in operation, we have developed relationships with over three dozen of the industry¿s best manufactures, so we can offer top quality products at competitive prices. Just some of the brands we carry include Acton, Blundstone, Caterpillar, Dr. Martens, JB Goodhue, Keen, Mellow Walk, Rockport Works, Reebok Work, Royer, Timberland PRO and Wolverine.

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