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Protection Equipment: Safety Footwear, Clothing, and More

The wide selection of personal protection equipment from Mister Safety Shoes offers uncompromised safety, comfort, and style. We have a comprehensive selection of footwear, including everything from heavy duty Timberland PRO Series boots to dress style safety shoes from Hush Puppies. Men's, Women's, and unisex styles are available in many varieties. Also available is a range of safety clothing, and accessories such as hard hats and safety glasses and insoles. For over 40 years, our goal has been to make it easy to keep workers safe. We have retail outlets throughout Ontario and Alberta, and our online store and corporate programs allow you to conveniently manage safety requirement compliance.

Personal protection equipment

We offer safety boots and shoes that are certified to a range of CSA specifications. We offer products with sole protection, toe protection, static dissipative, and electric shock resistant features. In addition to foot protection, our work boots and shoes feature outsoles with exceptional slip resistance. They will keep your employees surefooted in environments involving water, lubricants, and extreme temperatures.

In addition to footwear, we have a wide range of safety clothing for applications that require high visibility and flame resistant features. The selection ranges from lightweight pants, shirts and coveralls to heavy duty hoodies, jackets, and parkas. Our safety clothing features high visibility reflective tape, waterproof designs, resistance to chemicals and oil, convenient pockets, radiophone clip straps, detachable hoods, and more.

Personal protection equipment expertise

We are the perfect source for your personal protective equipment needs, as we specialize in workplace safety. Our products combine protection with ergonomics and aesthetics. While attractiveness is not at the top of your safety checklist, providing employees with many stylish options can help ensure they will be compliant. Visit our website to search our full catalogue by features, brand, gender, style, and more.

Personal protection equipment manufacturers

We work with over three dozen of the industry's most trusted and renowned manufacturers. Just some of the companies that supply our products include Big Bill, Blaklader, Carhartt, Cool Works, Pioneer, Stalworth, Tough Duck and Work King

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