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We produce custom lighting solutions through our metal spinning, metal stamping and metal tooling services.  We have a commitment to high quality in our work, delivering completed products on time, and providing personal service for our clients. We offer affordable rates with rapid turnaround times and the ability to handle smaller runs with ease. Though custom work is our specialty, we also stock some common items. We also provide assembly, painting, anodizing and vacuum metalizing. Our pricing is very competitive. 


We can provide custom lighting based on your specifications. We often make recessed lighting out of materials including aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, copper and stainless steel. Some other lighting items we commonly produce are reflectors for floodlights, headlights and spotlights. We have the capability to spin aluminum in thicknesses from .020” to 3/16”, stainless steel up to 14 gauge, cold rolled steel up to 12 gauge, brass and copper from 1/8” to .020, and galvanized steel up to 12 gauge. 

Lighting manufacturing process

The process begins when you send us information such as dimensions, quantity and material, we then provide a quote. Once our quote is approved, we will send tooling and sample parts for your inspection. We only begin production once you are completely satisfied with the sample.  Our process also features the ability to make changes once production has already begun. That ensures our customers are always happy with the final product. The turnaround time on our products is usually between 2-3 weeks.

Our metal spinning process allows us to form shapes including domed, semi-elliptical, trumpet and more. We also do deep draw, reverse draw and standard draw metal stamping. Our presses have capabilities ranging from 75 Ton to 200 Ton.

Lighting expertise

We have thoroughly trained, experienced staff who use the most cutting-edge equipment. We have been in business for over 40 years and have experience producing lighting for both residential and commercial applications.


Metal Craft Spinning & Stamping Ltd
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