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Low Voltage Power Factor Testers

Megger Limited can supply low voltage power factor testers that are suitable for use by anyone in the laboratory, shop, or substation. For example, the model CB-100 is self-contained, lightweight and portable power factor tester. This capacitance and insulation power factor test set can perform accurate measurement of electrical insulation characteristics. The low test voltage used by these devices makes them exceptionally safe to use. So they can be operated even by untrained personnel  and without the need for certain safety precautions.

Power factor tester

The CB-100 offers a test frequency of 100 hertz. This enables accurate measurements to be made without interference from nearby equipment. That is because the operating frequency is close enough to the power frequency that the results will not be affected in hostile environments.

Another feature of this tester is the direct reading capability. There is no need for calculations as the capacitance and dissipation factor can be read directly from the instrument. In addition, the CB-100 offers high resolution readings down to 0.01 per cent on capacitance and 0.001 per cent on dissipation factor. This enables low values to be measured accurately.

Industries and applications

We supply electrical testing and measurement solutions to industries including power, telecom, industrial testing, and building wiring. Our power factor testers are used for testing insulation in transformers, circuit breakers, and a variety of other electrical equipment. The capacitance and dissipation factor measurements our testers provide can give an indication of insulation condition, and regular readings can be used for trending.

Company expertise

Megger Limited has been providing solutions for insulation testing for more than 100 years. In that time we have also expanded our offering to include all types of electrical testing and measurement equipment. Our offering now includes 30 different product groups with more than 1,000 specific products.

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