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Mobile Transformer Test Van Solution

Megger can provide the ideal solution for commissioning and periodic on-site maintenance checks for power transformers and substations: the Megger Transformer Test Van. The test van makes it easy to perform a combination of routine tests and advanced diagnostics. When compared to separate or multi-functional instruments, the test van offers the advantage of instantaneous readiness. The van can automatically switch from one instrument to another, so the user can remain inside the van's comfortable office-like work environment. This helps with reducing testing time, increasing productivity, and preventing accidents.

Test van features

The Megger Transformer Test Van is capable of performing a variety of tests including:

  • Insulation resistance
  • DC winding resistance/ tap changer test
  • Turn ratio and vector group verification
  • Capacitance and dissipation factor
  • And more

The versatile capabilities of the test van allow testing for insulation deterioration, mechanical damages, malfunctions, and the quality of repairs. The test van makes the process easy since all the measurements are controlled by a central computer, and most of the on-board instruments share the same connection to the test subject.

This allows the van to automatically perform test circuit arrangement and switching. As a result, there is no need for workers to deal with separate instruments, numerous test schemes, and repeated climbs on top of the transformer. In addition, user guidance is provided through the tests. The instruments mounted in the van can also be easily extracted for standalone use when desired.

Company expertise

Megger Limited has more than 100 years of experience providing solutions for electrical testing and measurement. We have developed a comprehensive offering that spans 30 different product groups with more than 1,000 products. Our solutions range from power quality testers to cable height meters and test data management software.

Industries and applications

We have experience serving customers around the world in industries including power, telecom, industrial testing, and building wiring. Our solutions are used in the most critical maintenance applications such as cable fault locating, protective relay testing, and power quality testing.

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