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Dual Ground Testing For Safety

Megger Limited can supply a range of testing equipment for analyzing circuit breakers and checking the integrity of ground grids. Our selection includes circuit breaker analyzers and primary current injection test systems. Circuit breaker analyzers can perform a range of IEEE and IEC recommended tests that will ensure circuit breakers are always operating properly. They provide accurate measurement of timing, travel, coil currents, resistances, and more. Our primary current injection test systems can be used to test circuit breakers, automatic reclosers, current transformers, and other safety grounding devices.

Ground testing equipment

Our ground testing equipment includes dual ground circuit breaker analyzers such as the TM1800. Dual ground testing offers increased safety, as both sides of the breaker are grounded. The TM1800 features a modular design so it can be configured for all types of circuit breakers.  The analyzer also has a built-in PC that uses CABA Local software, which enables advanced testing with templates, onsite measurement view, and analysis. The data can be interpreted quickly and easily thanks to the graphical results for timing and motion measurements, coil currents, and more.

Also available is the MJOLNER Series dual ground micro-ohmmeter, which was designed specifically for measuring contact resistances in circuit breakers, bus-bar joints, disconnecting switches, and other devices. The unit can perform fully automated testing and has a wide measuring range. It offers safety, versatility, and ease of use.

Company expertise

Megger Limited has been providing test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications for more than 100 years. We offer a diverse product range of over 1,000 specific products in 30 different product groups. They include solutions for critical maintenance areas such as cable fault locating, protective relay testing, and power quality testing.

Industries served

We offer testing equipment that is used in electric power applications by utilities, government facilities, manufacturers, testing service companies, and more. For building wiring and contractor applications, we offer an assortment of rugged handheld instruments. We also supply precision test equipment used in telecommunications applications. 

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