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Ground Control Testing

Megger Limited provides a wide selection of ground testing instruments. Our ground resistance testers range from durable and simple-to-use models for field engineers to top of the line systems for design and soil surveys. Our equipment has self-checking features to allow the operator concentrate on the results. Our product offering includes thousands of models, so we can supply the perfect solution for many applications.  We understand the needs of our customers and will assist in finding the most appropriate equipment. We have earned a reputation for our high-quality and reliable products.

Ground control testing

Our range of ground testing equipment includes clamp-on resistance testers, 4 terminal resistance testers, cable ground fault locators, safety ground and ground grid testers. Our clamp-on testers use a large elliptical clamp design with smooth mating surfaces. The core ends are resistant to dirt build up, to offer enhanced reliability over interlocking teeth designs. Our 4 terminal ground resistance testers can perform 2, 3, and 4 point testing or stake less testing using a clamp-on technique. They feature easy-to-use one button operation.

The Geolux GL 660-1 cable ground fault locator can be directly coupled with live cables up to 660V and find earth faults up to 150 kOhm using a low frequency signal. The GTS-300 safety ground and ground grid test set uses a high-current method of testing ground grid continuity and connections. It features fast set-up and requires no specialized training to operate. Visit our website for more detailed information on all our equipment.

Ground control testing expertise

We have been the leading provider of electric test equipment and measurement instruments for over 100 years. We are a full service supplier with a diverse product offering including cable test equipment, circuit breaker analyzers, low resistance ohmmeters and more.

Ground control testing industries

We have experience supplying customers from many industries ranging from telecommunications to construction. Our ground resistance testers and fault locators are used for railway installations, hospitals, power plants or other industrial facilities to test control, signal and supply systems.

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