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Fault Locating Cable

Megger Limited offers cable fault location systems that are fast, efficient, accurate and safe.  They will enable you to trace the path of the cable, pinpoint the exact location of the fault and quickly identify the specific cable. Our equipment will help reduce system outages and downtime. We pride ourselves on being easy to deal with through accessibility, understanding your needs, and doing whatever it takes to get you the best products for your application. We have over 100 years' experience in the industry and are known for the quality and reliability of our equipment.

Fault locating cable

Our cable fault location (CFL) systems are multi-functional and include everything you need for testing, converting, pre-location and pinpointing. They typically use high potential and arc reflection for pre-location, and high surge energy to pinpoint faults. They are portable, ergonomically designed, and feature integrated safety systems. Our equipment is easy-to-use and can walk the operator through the process with step-by-step instructions. We can also provide separate cable locators, cable fault pinpointers, cable identifiers, impulse generators, impulse detectors, time-domain reflectometers and more. Visit our website for detailed information on all our products.

Fault locating cable industries

Our CFL equipment can be used to locate pinhole faults, dig-ins, and other faults for a range of industries. The rugged and portable designs of our products makes them suitable for any application, especially where light-weight equipment is needed, including both remote areas and inner city locations that are hard to access.  We have extensive experience serving industries such as utilities, telecommunications, manufacturing, building wiring, testing services, and more.

Fault locating cable expertise

Our staff has the knowledge to understand your needs and assist you. We can help you determine the best CFL unit to suit the capacitance and energy for your specific cables. Our selection of equipment includes 30 product groups and over 1000 different products. In addition to CFL systems, we supply instruments including electrical insulation testers, low resistance ohmmeters, and ground control testers.

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