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Electrical Insulation Testers

Megger Limited provides a wide selection of electrical insulation testers. Our various models are suitable for all types of insulation testing ranging from 500 volts up to 160 kV. All of our testers are reliable and accurate, and they are used in many critical applications around the world. Insulation testing is what our company is best known for, and we have a strong reputation for providing the best electrical testing and measuring equipment on the market. All our facilities are ISO 9001 certified and we always strive to ensure the highest standards for quality, reliability and safety.

Electrical insulation testers

We have a large variety of 1 kV insulation and continuity testers including more than 20 different models. We also offer a range of 5, 10, and 30 kV insulation testers for testing and maintenance of high voltage equipment. Our high potential test sets can perform insulation testing for 70, 120, and 160 kV.

Each model offers unique features, so we can provide the perfect tester to meet your needs. They are available with analogue or digital displays, weather proof design, and battery-free self-contained models. In addition, we offer a range of products for other testing applications including ground control testing, battery testing, motor and generator testing.

Electrical insulation testing expertise

With over 100 years' experience, Megger Limited is the originator of insulation testers. We pioneered the first portable insulation tester in 1889. Our products offer the best measurement ranges, noise resistance, data storage and more. Let us know the features and specifications you require, and our staff can help to find the most appropriate solution for your applications.

Electrical insulation testing industries

Insulation testing is always important because more than 60 per cent of equipment failures are attributed to insulation breakdown. Our testers are used by electricians, maintenance engineers and repair technicians in many industries. We serve customers in telecom and datacom, industrial testing, manufacturing, building wiring and more. Some of the applications for our testing equipment include checking power cables, insulators, transformers, motors, switchgear and more.

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