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Advanced Cable Diagnostics Using Tan Delta

Megger Limited provides a range of cable testing and diagnostics equipment that can use Tan Delta diagnostics to determine cable integrity and health. This data can help avoid preventable in-service cable failures. For instance, Tan Delta diagnostics can detect water trees, a common health condition of MV extruded cables. One such solution is the VLF Sine Wave 45. This compact system has a multipurpose design and is ideal for both routine testing and complex diagnostics. It is used for the commissioning, testing, and condition analysis of medium voltage cables. The unit can perform very low frequency, DC, and sheath integrity tests. In addition, this system can be used for sheath fault pinpointing.   

Cable diagnostics

The VLF45 offers enhanced voltage quality and stability for 0.1 Hz sine wave, rectangular and DC voltage testing. The unit has integrated breakdown detection that will shut down the test in the event of excessive charge current to prevent cable damage. The unit also has internal memory that can store up to 1000 measurements. The results can be viewed on the VLF45 or transferred via USB to the included Easyprot software for reporting.

This system is available with optional integrated Tan Delta, which will automatically evaluate the results for cable types including PE, XPLE and PILC. The results are evaluated based on insulation and a selected compliance standard. The VLF45 can pinpoint sheath faults when combined with an optional ESG NT step voltage probe.

Company expertise

Our company history dates back to 1903, and we are known around the world for our insulation testers. We offer a full service solution for electrical testing and measurement equipment. Our offering includes 30 different product groups with more than 1,000 products.

Industries served

Our equipment is used in markets including power, telecom, industrial testing, and building wiring. Our company has a global network that allows us to work with customers locally, all over the world. We have hundreds of representatives and technical support offices located across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, France, India, and Bahrain.

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