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DFR Testing Solutions

Megger Limited can supply DFR testing solutions that provide reliable test results even in high interference environments. These solutions can help with monitoring and diagnostics for insulation on aging transformers. More than 60 per cent of equipment failures are ascribed to insulation breakdown, so regular testing is essential. Our products offer a cost-effective way to detect any potential problems early. Our company is the originator of the insulation tester and a full-service provider of electrical testing and measurement equipment. The DFR analysis technique has been used for in laboratories for decades, and our company was the first to design a DFR-based instrument for field use.

DFR testing equipment

We offer the IDAX300 and IDAX 300 insulation diagnostic analyzers that can perform fast and automated measurement of moisture content, tan delta/power factor, and oil conductivity. These analyzers feature a compact size and high accuracy. They are able to offer reliability in difficult environments because they use true AC Dielectric Frequency Response (DFR), also referred to as Frequency Domain Spectroscopy (FDS).

One of the most important applications for our insulation analyzers is to determine moisture content in insulation for transformers. That is because even small concentrations of water will cause a range of problems including increasing the aging rate, lowering the admissible hot spot temperature, and increasing the risk of bubbles forming. To make testing as fast and easy as possible, the IDAX state-of-the-art software allows transformer moisture and oil assessment to be performed in about 22 minutes (at 20 degrees C).

Industries and applications

Our insulation testing solutions are use around the world in a variety of industries including power, telecom, industrial testing, and building wiring. The IDAX is used for a range of applications, as it is a multi-function test set for use with transformers, bushings, and other power components. Some of the additional functions it can perform include hot collar testing, capacitance measurements, DC insulation testing, and more.

Company expertise

Megger Limited is a leader in insulation testing with more than 100 years of experience. In addition to DFR solutions, we can provide a wide range of testing equipment. Our facilities are ISO 9001 certified and all of our products are built to the highest standards for quality, safety and reliability.

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