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Drop in High Voltage Capacitance Bridge Replacement Solution

Megger Limited can supply a variety of capacitance testers. The wide range available includes a number of insulation resistance testers, multi-meters, and more. The testers we supply offer versatility, ease-of-use, and reliability.  They also offer features that improve the efficiency of testing operations. One example is the CDAX 605 Power Factor Tester which performs fast and accurate measurements including capacitive, resistive and inductive testing. Our company was established more than a hundred years ago, and we have extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of electrical test and measurement equipment.

Capacitance testers

The CDAX 605 is one our versatile capacitance and dissipation test sets. It offers a wide measurement range and will work with any standard capacitor or resistor value, with no need for recalculations. This high precision test set was developed for laboratory, production line, and field testing applications. It is used for testing insulation on electrical equipment and to calibrate CCVTs and other ratio devices.

We also offer capacitance testers that feature easy portability, such as the MIT 525 5kV diagnostic insulation resistance tester. This tester is light, compact, and enclosed in a tough transport case.  It can perform various diagnostic tests. In addition to capacitance, the tester can display information including voltage, resistance, leakage current, battery status, and time constant.

Another capacitance tester available is the CB-100 power factor tester. This self-contained instrument provides accurate measurements of insulation characteristics. It is capable of testing in difficult environments where excited devices nearby can prevent proper measurement. Also available are multi-meters such as the AVO410. This digital multi-meter can provide resistance, frequency and capacitance ranges, so it is suitable for a wide range of applications. Detailed information on all the capacitance testers we supply is available on the Megger website.

Company expertise

In addition to the wide range of test and measurement instruments available from Megger, we also operate the renowned AVO Training Institute. The institute provides top-rated training for electrical maintenance and safety.  Our company also has experience working with customers from many diverse markets. We have manufacturing facilities and sales and technical support offices around the world.

Manufacturing process

Our manufacturing facilities have been certified to full operational requirements of ISO 9001. Periodic audits of our quality assurance process provide input that we use to improve quality further. Our procedures are continually refined and adjusted so we can provide customers with world class service.

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