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Solution For Cable Sheath Testing

Megger Limited can supply cable sheath testers such as the MMG 10. This sheath test system provides easy voltage testing of plastic insulated cable jackets. The MMG 10 was mainly designed for the voltage testing of PE or PVC cable sheaths, and the location of sheath faults. It offers an adjustable current limiter, pulsed output voltage for pinpointing sheath faults, and the capability for burning of cable faults. Our company is the ideal source for all types of electrical test equipment. We offer a wide selection that includes 30 distinct product groups, and our industry expertise is unparalleled.

Cable Sheath Testing

The Sheath Tester MMG 10 has many special features and capabilities. For instance, the pulsed output voltage enables the pinpointing of sheath faults in plastic insulated shielded cables and earth faults in unshielded cables. This fault location can be performed at reduced power which prevents damage to adjacent wires and cables. A step voltage method is used for fault pinpointing with a Line-to-Earth Fault Locating Device ESG 80-2.

The MMG 10 can also be used for low resistive burning of a fault, using its high output current. This tester has continuously adjustable output voltage ranges of 1000 V, 5000 V and 10000 V.  The adjustable current limiter prevents eventual drying or unintended change of a fault spot.

This sheath tester is supplied with accessories including an earth fault locating device, earth spikes with measuring leads, a sheath-fault prelocating device, and emergency-off switches.

Company expertise

Megger Limited has many years of experience in the design and manufacturing of electrical test equipment. Our company was established over 100 years ago. We are known around the world for our range of insulation testers, and we offer a full service solution to all electrical testing and measurement needs.

Industries and applications

Our products are used in markets including power, telecom, industrial testing, and building wiring. Our comprehensive selection of more than 1,000 specific products includes everything from multimeters to software for trending and analysis. They help our customers to improve efficiency, reduce costs, extend equipment life.

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