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Megger designs and manufactures portable electrical test equipment. Megger products help you install, improve efficiency, reduce cost and extend the life of yours or your customer's electrical assets.

Established in the late 1800s, the company has been designing and making test and measurement instruments that perform electrical measurements for preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and commissioning for decades. Megger products have supported customers all over the world to improve their facilities' efficiency, reduce costs, extend the life of apparatus and through trending and analysis, anticipate equipment failure and future performance. It now has local offices in many locations with technical support teams and distributors all over the world. Manufacturing plants are located in Germany, Sweden, the UK, and USA.

Year established: 1972
Number of employees: 13

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PowerDB software allows easy management of testing and maintenance data.

Asset Management Solution For Testing

Megger Limited can provide a powerful tool for asset management: the Megger PowerDB software package. This software makes it easy to manage data for all acceptance and maintenance testing operations. This data can help ensure problem-free operation and extend the life of critical electrical assets. For instance, PowerDB software can be used with battery test equipment to ensure battery backups are always ready to kick in when needed. The software guarantees that data records will not be lost, and it can provide integrated data alerts for fast problem resolution. PowerDB software features Po...

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The MMG 10 Sheath Tester available from Megger Limited.

Solution For Cable Sheath Testing

Megger Limited can supply cable sheath testers such as the MMG 10. This sheath test system provides easy voltage testing of plastic insulated cable jackets. The MMG 10 was mainly designed for the voltage testing of PE or PVC cable sheaths, and the location of sheath faults. It offers an adjustable current limiter, pulsed output voltage for pinpointing sheath faults, and the capability for burning of cable faults. Our company is the ideal source for all types of electrical test equipment. We offer a wide selection that includes 30 distinct product groups, and our industry expertise is unpara...

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CDAX 605 Power Factor Tester from Megger Limited.

Drop in High Voltage Capacitance Bridge Replacement Solution

Megger Limited can supply a variety of capacitance testers. The wide range available includes a number of insulation resistance testers, multi-meters, and more. The testers we supply offer versatility, ease-of-use, and reliability.  They also offer features that improve the efficiency of testing operations. One example is the CDAX 605 Power Factor Tester which performs fast and accurate measurements including capacitive, resistive and inductive testing. Our company was established more than a hundred years ago, and we have extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of electrical t...

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Our DFR testing solutions offer exceptional reliability.

DFR Testing Solutions

Megger Limited can supply DFR testing solutions that provide reliable test results even in high interference environments. These solutions can help with monitoring and diagnostics for insulation on aging transformers. More than 60 per cent of equipment failures are ascribed to insulation breakdown, so regular testing is essential. Our products offer a cost-effective way to detect any potential problems early. Our company is the originator of the insulation tester and a full-service provider of electrical testing and measurement equipment. The DFR analysis technique has been used for in labo...

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The VLF Sine Wave 34 kV model is easy to transport and suitable for outdoor use.

Advanced Cable Diagnostics Using Tan Delta

Megger Limited provides a range of cable testing and diagnostics equipment that can use Tan Delta diagnostics to determine cable integrity and health. This data can help avoid preventable in-service cable failures. For instance, Tan Delta diagnostics can detect water trees, a common health condition of MV extruded cables. One such solution is the VLF Sine Wave 45. This compact system has a multipurpose design and is ideal for both routine testing and complex diagnostics. It is used for the commissioning, testing, and condition analysis of medium voltage cables. The unit can perform very low...

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MJOLNER Series dual ground micro-ohmmeter from Megger Limited

Dual Ground Testing For Safety

Megger Limited can supply a range of testing equipment for analyzing circuit breakers and checking the integrity of ground grids. Our selection includes circuit breaker analyzers and primary current injection test systems. Circuit breaker analyzers can perform a range of IEEE and IEC recommended tests that will ensure circuit breakers are always operating properly. They provide accurate measurement of timing, travel, coil currents, resistances, and more. Our primary current injection test systems can be used to test circuit breakers, automatic reclosers, current transformers, and other safe...

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The Megger Transformer Test Van offers an office-like work environment.

Mobile Transformer Test Van Solution

Megger can provide the ideal solution for commissioning and periodic on-site maintenance checks for power transformers and substations: the Megger Transformer Test Van. The test van makes it easy to perform a combination of routine tests and advanced diagnostics. When compared to separate or multi-functional instruments, the test van offers the advantage of instantaneous readiness. The van can automatically switch from one instrument to another, so the user can remain inside the van's comfortable office-like work environment. This helps with reducing testing time, increasing productivity, a...

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To be the leading worldwide designer, developer, manufacturer and supplier of
equipment for testing, measuring and diagnosing the condition of electrical,
water and communications systems.

Megger Limited

Value Proposition

Reliability– Quality, reliability, good engineering, trustworthy people
Precision – Technical, original, accurate, on time
Proximity – Close to customer needs and locations, talking their language
Easy to do business with – Empathy, accessible, willing to do whatever it takes.

Areas of Expertise

  • Electrical test equipment for HV, MV and LV

  • Telecommunications test equipment

  • Substation test equipment

  • Cable test equipment

  • Diagnostic test equipment for electrical systems


  • Mr Carl Heathfield
    Dir-Cdn Sales/Mktg

  • Olena Coba
    Accounting Manager


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001


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