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McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd.  can supply a range of turbines from the leading manufacturer, Dresser-Rand. They have been in the industry for a century, and their steam turbines are currently used in over 140 countries. Their extensive experience and innovative approach allows them to manufacture custom turbines that are exceptionally reliable. Some of the types of turbines we can supply include single stage turbines that offer economical and reliable solutions, and multi-stage steam turbines featuring unparalleled efficiency. We can also offer turbine generator sets and Gimpel valves. We have been serving the Canadian industry for over 85 years.


Our single stage turbines (SST) include a range of models available with many optional features. For instance, our bladed-wheel product line offers three different wheel diameters and seven various models, with capacities ranging up to 3,500 hp, maximum speeds of 12,000 rpm, inlet conditions up to 900 F, and exhaust conditions up to 300 psig.

Our mult-stage steam turbines are used widely in process industries due to their proven reliability and efficient performance. A variety of models are available, so we can supply turbines that are suited to applications ranging from petrochemical plants to food processing. They are capable of operating at speeds of up to 17,000 RPM, with inlet conditions of up to 2,000 psig (barg) at 1,000 F, and exhaust conditions of up to 800 psig (55 barg).

Turbine expertise

McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd. has been in business since 1930. From the beginning, our mission has been to provide the high quality products and services that lead to long relationships with our customers. We also develop long-term partnerships with the industry's top suppliers, so we can provide the best products on the market.

Turbine industries

The single stage turbines we supply are used for applications such as driving pumps, blowers, compressors, generators, and fans. They are used in environment including chemical plants, paper mills, refineries, sugar mills, and virtually any other industrial facility that generates steam. Our multi-stage steam turbines are used in power plants, petroleum, petrochemical, food processing, and waste-to-energy applications.


McRae Engineering Equipment Limited
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