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Many types of silencers are available from McRae Engineering Equipment Limited. Just some of the varieties we can supply include absorptive, blower, engine, fan, and vent. We offer blower silencers made by Universal, an industry expert with over 100,000 units sold to date. Engine silencers can be provided in industrial, residential, critical, and hospital grades. You can trust in our products and services, as we have been serving the Canadian industry for more than 85 years. Our quality assurance mandate includes a commitment to continuous improvements, to guarantee that our customers always receive the best solutions.


Here are some details on our different types of silencers:

  • Our absorptive silencers are ideal for handling high noise frequencies, of 500-8,000 Hz. These silencers do not rely on internal baffles, because the noise is absorbed by packing material. This approach avoids the use of obstructive devices for reducing noise, so it is useful for straight-through internal designs.
  • We have blower silencers in many sizes and types to fit your particular blower requirements and operating speeds. For applications where strict, close-proximity noise specifications apply, it is possible to lag the silencer shell externally and minimize any structure-borne noise that could be radiated.
  • We offer Universal brand exhaust silencers. They offer exceptional performance for every application, and are available in various attenuation grades.
  • Fan silencers are available such as the AFS series, which combines both reactive and absorptive chamber designs to reflect and dissipate acoustic energy.
  • Vent and blowdown silencers are available, built to your specifications. We can help you find the best design to suit your application.

Silencer expertise

We are the best source for cost effective process equipment and control solutions. Since 1930, we have provided expert technical support, a comprehensive selection of products, and dedication to continual improvement of quality and service.

Silencer industries

The blower silencers we provide are essential in many industrial processing and waste water treatment applications. We have vent silencers that are typically used for relief valves on steam boilers and superheater headers, boiler startup and purge vents, natural gas blowdowns, compressor blowoffs, and more.


McRae Engineering Equipment Limited
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