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We can supply a broad variety of blowers and vacuum pumps. The wide selection available from McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd. will allow you to find the best equipment for all your pressure and vacuum operations. Our equipment is supplied by top-of-the-line manufacturers, so you can have complete confidence in the reliability and high performance of all our products. The many blower types we can offer include radial, side channel, rotary vane, rotary lobe, claw, and screw. Blower and vacuum pump repair services are also available, to ensure continuous operation of your older systems. We have been in business since 1930.


Here's some information on the various types of blowers we can offer:

  • A broad portfolio of radial blowers, often used in the packaging and paper industries for removal of dust and fine powders. The benefits of these models include durability, quiet operation, no vibration, cast housings and impellers, and ability to control speed using a frequency converter.
  • Side channel blowers that feature high reliability and low noise levels. They are designed and built for long life and maintenance-free operation. Despite the robust construction of these models, they are also light weight. UL, CSA, IEC, and EN approvals are available, and these blowers are used around the world.
  • Rotary lobe blowers that are customizable, compact, and dry running.  With these models, there is no requirement for oil or grease in the compression chamber. They feature a modular design that allows us to easily supply a configuration that is that is tailored to your needs.

Blower expertise

McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd. began supplying Canadian industries with high quality process equipment more than 85 years ago.  Our long standing mission has been to pride service that fosters long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. Many of the blowers we supply are Elmo Rietchle brand, a name that's synonymous with first-class products. Their blowers are backed by a long history and innovative technology.  

Industries served

Our blowers are used in a variety of industrial processes including drying, paper & packaging, and food & beverage applications. Just some of the diverse markets we have experience working with include natural gas, boiler and turbine industries.


McRae Engineering Equipment Limited
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